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UBEPOL-BR is the brand name for high-cis polybutadiene rubber base on Cobalt catalyst which features excellent abrasion, high impact resistance, high rebound, low hysteresis, and low temperature properties 

Polymerization Technology
*Polymerize various kinds of polymer structure

  1. Polymer chain Control ; Linearity, ML viscosity , MWD High abrasion resistance grade
  2. Composite technology ; Composite of High cis BR and SPB resin VCR grade

UBEPOL-VCR is a new type of a synthetic rubber developed by UBE’s original technology. UBEPOL-VCR consists of micro-dispersed Syndiotactic 1,2 polybutadiene (SPB) resin with high melting point and crystallinity, and high cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber matrix. UBEPOL-VCR offers improved processing and physical properties such as extrudability, low shrinkage and high green strength compared to conventional polybutadiene rubber.