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Bio chemical - Micronice® Product

Micronice® is a name of Phytochemical product in Thailand. It has more than 90% of biodegradable rate in 9 days with non-ionic surfactant property which contrasts to conventional cleaning products but provides the better in terms of cleaning results and human-


There are more than 30 products under the brand of Micronice for different proposes. However, all of them have the same major “Unique ingredients” which brings satisfactory to every customers 



There are 4 simple working stages: penetrate/reduce tension surface/makes easily removing /odor elimination


  1. Cooling system 
    Scale is a major problem in cooling system (cooling tower, boiler, chiller). It contributes to higher energy consumption, corrosion, more frequency of maintenance period.  
    Using of conventional chemical product to get rid of scale cause of environmental impact as well as human health impact
  2.  Micronice®D-5 GC  
    By pouring D5 GC to cooling devices every day, it has proven to the ability to remove existing scale and prevent new scale forming in heat-exchanger for more than a decade. 
     As the cooling system consists of no scale, a good heat-transferring makes excellent productivity of processing line and also remains energy consumption at the base line. 
  3. Oil and Grease cleaning in factory process
     Hazardous Solvents that is conventionally used in oil cleaning tasks nowadays makes poorer working environment and causes of many illnesses

    Micronice® Bio3Mex / Bio3Mex-RP2 / Bio3Mex-RP4 / Engine Cleaner
     Aside of the safety from being 99% organic product, Micronice is also a “water based” product which has no fume. Therefore, user respiration organ will be safe by using it.
  4. Household cleaning 

  5. Micronice® - Household section   
    Bio Clean : bath room Bio Ez Wash : laundry 
    Bio Ez Care : kitchen hood and stove Bio Clean & Shine : floor 
    Bio Clean & Clear : dishes, kitchen ware Bio Deodorizer : illuminate bad smell (not a perfume)