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RTP introduction

Engineered thermoplastic compounds from RTP Company provide conductive, structural, wear resistant, flame retardant, elastomeric, and color properties in over 60 engineering resins.

RTP Company compounds a wide range of engineering thermoplastics. Compounding is a process of melt blending plastics with other additives.
This process changes the physical, thermal, electrical or aesthetic characteristics of the plastic. The final product is called a compound or composite.    

Compounding starts with a base resin or polymer. RTP Company has experience with more than 60 resin systems, each of which has unique characteristics that make it suitable for use in certain applications. 

By incorporating an extensive range of additives, fillers, and reinforcers, a wide range of properties can be achieved in conductivity,     
flame retardance, wear resistance, structural, and precolored. Our engineers independently select the additives based on your unique performance criteria.    
For example, glass fibers can be added at various levels to increase stiffness in a resin that is more flexible than desired.