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Owens Corning Composite Solutions Business
The Owens Corning Composite Solutions Business is a pioneer and global leader in the composites industry making glass fiber
reinforcements, technical fabrics and non-woven veils. The business is dedicated to creating customer value by delivering world-class
products, expertise and support.    
Composite Advantages    
Composites are combinations of two or more materials (reinforcing elements and resin) that retain their identities while acting in concert.
Fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites are safe and reliable solutions, able to face tough conditions in various environments and
have outperformed traditional materials for many years. Composites offer these important benefits:
• Light Weight – Composite parts help save weight compared to steel parts (up to 30 percent lighter) with similar thermomechanical properties.
• High Strength – Pound for pound, glass fibers are stronger than steel. Composites gain their strength when fibers are set within a resin matrix. 
Fibers carry the load while the resin spreads the load imposed on the composite.
• Easy to Shape – Composites can be molded into complex shapes at relatively low cost. This flexibility offers designers extensive latitude in new product design.
• Integration of Functions – Parts with multiple functions can often be made in a single step with composites.
• Corrosion Resistance – Composites provide long-term resistance to severe chemical and temperature environments.
Composites are the material choice for outdoor exposure, chemical handling and severe environment service.
• Durability – Composite structures have an exceedingly long life span. Coupled with low maintenance requirements, the longevity
of composites is a benefit when used in critical applications. After a half-century of use, many well-designed composite structures have yet to wear out.
• Cost savings – Thanks to their low weight and high mechanical properties, the use of composites in many applications reduces
manufacturing, shipping and maintenance costs compared to traditional materials such as steel.