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Bactekiller - Inorganic Antimicrobial Agent

Features of Bactekiller
1. Significant antimicrobial efficacy
Bactekiller inhibits the growth of bacteria thanks to its antimicrobial metal ion function,
preventing the occurrence of slime, microbiological deterioration and odor.

2. Long lasting durability of antimicrobial efficacy
Because it includes antimicrobial metal ions which almost never evaporate or dissolve,
Bactekiller has long lasting antimicrobial efficacy.

3. Superior safety
Because it does not contain harmful heavy metals, Bactekiller is very safe, as has been
confirmed by such tests as acute oral toxicity test, primary dermal irritation study,
mutagenicity test and skin sensitization study.

4. Superior heat resistance
Being composed of an inorganic substance, Bactekiller does not break down, even at
temperatures of 800°C, so that it can be mixed