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key product attributes

Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomers are produced by ExxonMobil Chemical using proprietary metallocene catalyst technology - Elasticity - Stretch film
  - Softness - Elastic hygiene film
  - Sealability - Surface protection film
  - Adhesion - Stretch hood film
Composition and structure: - Toughness - Heat sealable cast PP (cPP) film
• Semicrystalline copolymers of propylene and ethylene - Cling / tackiness - Heat sealable
• High propylene levels (>80 wt%) with isotactic stereochemistry   - BOPP film
• Uniform inter- and intramolecular composition and crystallinity distribution   - Heat shrinkable display films (double bubble)
• Crystallinity is modulated with ethylene:   - Extrusion lamination in flexible packaging
• 5-25% crystallinity, large amorphous fraction   - Polypropylene raffia tapes
• Very soft   - Extrusion coated and laminated PP woven sacks
• Elasticity unlike other polyolefin polymers, blends or alloys   - Industrial fabrics extrusion coating
    - HDPE shopper and garbage bags