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ZYTEL® is DuPont’s registered trademark for its comprehensive range of nylon resins. Since the invention of nylon by DuPont in the 1930s, it has become the most widely used of all engineering polymers. Due to their excellent balance of properties, nylon components (produced by injection moulding, extrusion or blow moulding) find extensive use in many applications including: automotive, electrical/electronic, domestic appliances, furniture and construction. 

Products and properties ZYTEL® nylon resins are classified by chemical compositon into the following groups:
– Nylon 66
– Nylon 6
– Nylon 66/6 blends
– Nylon 612
– Transparent amorphous nylon
– Semi-aromatic High Temperature Nylon.

The key features of ZYTEL® nylons are:
– High mechanical strength
– Excellent balance of stiffness/toughness
– Good high temperature performance
– Good electrical and flammability properties
– Good abrasion and chemical resistance.

Properties such as melting point, moisture absorption and modulus of elasticity are primarily determined by the type of nylon. In addition, nylons can be readily modified and reinforced, To create a wide range of products with tailored properties for specific processes and end-uses. Major “families” of ZYTEL® nylons described in this Website include:
– Unreinforced
– Tough/Supertough
– Glass reinforced
– Toughened/glass reinforced
– Flame retardant
– High viscosity/Extrusion
– Speciality
– High Temperature Nylon.