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RYNITE® is DuPont’s registered trademark for its thermoplastic polyester resins based on polyethylene terephthalate(PET). They are specially formulated for rapid crystallisation during the injection moulding process and are reinforced with glass fibres or combinations of glass fibres with glass flake or mica. RYNITE® PET grades offer excellent dimensional stability, creep resistance, heat resistance, outstanding colour stability, high surface gloss and have inheren good electrical properties. The properties of the standard grades are summarised in the following tables. Many more grades are available which are customised for special requirements (e.g. UL Encapsulation Systems) or technologies (e.g. gas injection, cold riveting etc.). RYNITE® PET is also available in colours as well as UV stabilized grades for exterior applications. Applications RYNITE® PET resins are used in numerous industry segments such as automotive, electrical and electronics, appliances, mechanical engineering etc. where they successfully replace metals and thermosets as well as other thermoplastic polymers. Some typical applications are windshield wiper arms, brake systems, motor end frames, microswitches, coil forms, lamp sockets, oven handles and iron skirts.