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Accounting (Levels : Supervisor - Senior Manager)
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Responsibilities :
• Manage daily operations of the accounting department.
• Prepare monthly, quarterly and year-end financial statements according to TFRS and management report.
• Submit financial reports and prepare budgets or other report for the CFO and/or Executive Committee.
• Prepare Annual Report (56-1), BOD, MD & A and OPP Day presentation.
• Oversee the timely closing of accounts (monthly, quarterly and year-end).
• Establish and enforce proper accounting methods, policies and principles.
• Lead each team in organization leader to help other teams in order to increase job efficiency and work smoothly.
• Coordinate with internal/external auditor and revenue department.
• Coordinate with financial institutions; customers, suppliers, auditors, Revenue Office, and SET/SEC.

Qualifications :
• Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Accounting.
• At least 3-5 years experience in Auditor or any related field.
• Good problem solving and decision skill.
• Effective communication, customer service and interpersonal skill.
• Good knowledge of TFRS, TAS or Exchange rate will be advantage.
• Proactive and result oriented.
• TOEIC score >=500

**The company work Mon-Fri (08.30 - 17.30)**