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Life at GC

Pravishya Hansakul
Accounting & Finance Consultant
I’ve been working at GC for 15 years but I feel that there still have many things to think, to dream and to create. With a rapid growth of the business, Many times we had to face business challenges but we have a great team work so we can get through all those tough times andCopy that’s my flavorful working life.
Aroonjit Treesittichate
Senior Manager and Company Secretary
Since the first interview date with executive team of small business which more likes a home office, I was so excited but feel honor that the executive team give priority to employee selection process I got the chase on 1 September 2001 as a sale support officer. All we can do is “Do your best with love and faint in Company and Executives Team “To keep developing the company.
Sirilak Singhanuwattana
Administration Supervisor
I started working at GC in 1988. There were a lot of change, many people asked me why I stay here so long.  Actually, There is nothing special just feeling like I’m working at home. Our family has good leaders as “Executive members” and good relatives as “Co-workers”. All above are enough for my working life.
Nut Jantaraksa
Technical Sales Supervisor
I started my first job at GC since 2010. It feels like working at home I really mean it because Here is so cozy like family. The executives seem to be elderly relatives. They always give good advice and can talk with everything. If there is a problem anyone is willing to help solving it. I believe GC has potential to grow annually and continuously because of all the reasons above.

GC has competent staffs who growing rapidly along with the business. Most of them are generation Y. They are main mechanism of business with long working life that drives a sustainable growth of GC. There is a recruitment policy by put the Right Man on the Right Job aiming for the Value added services as business goal. Including, encourage developing employee skills policy continually by arrange or join in-house and external training. Encourage staffs to join the events such as supplier training aboard or at the office. To strive for knowledgeable staff and provide excellence customer service. It’s the way that makes GC completely different from other distributors. 

Benefits & Welfare
  • Provident Fund
  • OPD Medical Fee
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Annual Physical Checkup
  • Annual Leave
  • Birthday Leave
  • Bonus
  • Staff Party
  • Outing
  • Training & Development
Member Happiness

GC believes that staff is importance resource for the business. Creating great environment and make them feel like they are working at their home happy with their work. There is space where they can show their potential. Supporting and giving them a chance to grow in their career path so that will increase their productivity and employee engagement.