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Message from Chairman of Executive Committee


Global Connections Public Company Limited grows and be successful as today because of our staffs who seem to be the main part that help to drive business. Being participate dedicated and strong teamwork are the importance factors. The Company emphasizes the value of employees so the Company focuses on supporting and enhancing their potential. The Company provides welfare and variety of activities to treat employees as family. Hospitality of employee and employee cooperation affect to drive the business in the right direction. GC believes that potential and successful employees are the Company achievement. Do not embrace and overindulge from the fruits of success, nonstop learning and finding our weakness. Importantly, we put potential staff, integration and common goal that aim to be the guideline of working life for sustainable and endless growth of the Company as well as employees.

Thank you for dedicated yourself to steer the Company.


Mr. Somchai Kulimakin

Chairman of executive committee