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Message from Chairman

Dear shareholders, Overall, in 2017, the Thai economy showed a sign of recovery from the previous year thanks to robust performance of export and tourism sectors, which grew in line with the global economy. Private investment also picked up in the latter half of the year, especially in machinery and equipment of automotive sector. Private consumption also showed some gradual expansion as household income in agricultural and tourism sectors grew.

However, in 2017, the Company’s net profit was at 89.5 Million Baht, which was a 3.79 percent drop from 93.1 Million Baht from the previous year. This was due to two main factors. First was a falling demand for commodity products in the markets. Customers were more cautious in their spending. Second was pressure on product prices due to intensified competition in the market and oil price volatility. Nevertheless, the Company expected that further economic recovery in 2018 will be a positive factor contributing to the Company’s future growth.

The Company is committed in its thrive towards sustainable growth based on corporate governance principles. The Board of directors and executive directors are well aware of their duties and responsibilities for uphold these principles in their management in order to achieve maximum benefits for shareholders as well as the society as a whole. In 2017, the Company was rated “EXCELLENT” for our corporate governance by the Thai Institute Director (IOD) and also awarded the membership of the Collective Action Coalition against Corruption. We were also granted the Outstanding Investor Relations Awards in the category of companies with market cap less than 3,000 million Baht.

The Company will relentlessly pursue new business and innovation in order to become one of the most trusted partners in the industry. In addition to being the key sales representative of the supplier, the Company shall be a key driving force together with the suppliers and end buyers in the research and development (R&D) of the product.

As we draw to a close, on behalf of the Board of directors, management team, and every member of staff, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your trust and support in the Company throughout. Importantly, the way in which all stakeholders have dedicated themselves to steer the Company towards success has been truly remarkable. I am adamant that the Company will continue its pursuit towards sustainable growth with utmost consideration for all stakeholders as well as upholding the principle of corporate governance and responsibility towards its society and environment.